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Simeon Jackson interview: Canada striker sketching the game and groove theories


Barnsley striker Simeon Jackson’s footballing canvas has been colourised by promotions, Premier League, Bundesliga and international football, with an even more diverse musical backbeat running alongside him on what has so far proved a road of experiences and introspection. Read more →

Leroy Lita interview: ‘The rose that grew from concrete’ – The meaning beyond the beat for Reds striker

Twitter: @LeroyLita8

Barnsley’s Leroy Lita in his Swansea City days. Photo: @LeroyLita8


With over 100 career goals, as well as experience at English football’s highest level, Barnsley striker Leroy Lita made a success of the hand he was dealt, and music offers a gateway into his persona, as well as revealing one source of inspiration in particular. Read more →

Stephen Dawson interview: Championship ‘even better than the real thing’ for Tykes midfielder


With a number of months as a Championship player now under his belt Barnsley midfielder Stephen Dawson is still enjoying the step-up, but the Irishman is finding it less of a seamless transition to take in some of his colleagues’ musical offerings! Read more →

Marc Richards interview: Music memories of Ewood for Vale captain

An all-time Ibiza classic still works the magic for Port Vale’s striker and captain Marc Richards, although it’s the start of his professional career at Blackburn Rovers rather than the White Isle itself that the tune evokes memories of. Read more →

Craig Hignett interview: Boro Brazilians’ tunes not to everyone’s liking!

Former Middlesbrough keeper Ben Roberts spoke recently on this blog about his love for the music Brazilian duo Juninho and Emerson brought to Teesside, but the South American beats weren’t such a favourite for former teammate and Merseysider Craig Hignett. Read more →