About Beats & Rhymes FC

Beats & Rhymes FC is my site with the idea of bringing a unique angle to football interviews by delving into music with current and ex-players (male and female). By discussing their favourite artists and genres, the first single or album they ever bought, and so much more, the aim is to give an alternative and enjoyable insight.

Besides exploring anything music-related, there is also on-field discussion, talk of teammates, and their life away from the game. Each feature hopes to paint a meaningful picture of the interviewee (with a light-hearted aspect also just about compulsory).

The idea of the site came during my final few months at Sheffield Hallam University in 2011, when, after interviewing ex-Premier League striker Leon McKenzie about his music venture, I realised there was likely a whole world to explore where the two subjects overlap.

In the time since, players who have featured have come from all over the world, and various leagues and levels of the men’s and women’s game. There have even been some cameos from actors, musicians and TV presenters, with the link always being football and music.