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Stephanie McCaffrey interview: More than just ‘the edge of glory’ – Chicago forward’s drive for five-star standing

Photo: ISI Photos: Daniel Bartel


The New Englander identity is one Stephanie McCaffrey could never shake off, and nor would she want to. Having spent her young life around a city decked out in winning sporting heritage, the Chicago Red Stars forward has flown the Boston nest in search of some champion consistency of her own, with recent starlit spectaculars to add to the soundtrack reminders of her heartland. Read more →

Jazmine Reeves interview: Rookie and out, but Hokie for life – The harmony of sentiment and contentment for former Breakers forward

Courtesy of Virginia Tech


Both individually and with her team, Jazmine Reeves was part of school history with the Virginia Tech name beside her, before sparking impressively in a debut professional year with the Boston Breakers. Although the former forward’s decision for a future away from the field meant that her career was ultimately something of a one-album deal, there were hit moments made on the way that won’t ever stop spinning for her. Read more →

Lindsay Tarpley interview: Embers of a familiar groove as former U.S. forward kicks a new step

Portage Soccer Club

Portage Soccer Club


A two-time Olympic gold medal winner, Lindsay Tarpley’s playing days ended far sooner than hoped, taking the former U.S. Women’s National Team forward’s focus down new avenues, although as an exciting new venture proves, she has never flown far from the game that always was a dream to her. Read more →

Jordan Angeli interview: Spirit midfielder finds ‘what dreams may come’

Photo: Christopher Colvin / CP Colvin Photography

Photo: Christopher Colvin / CP Colvin Photography


There were more than a few smiles in the women’s game as Washington Spirit midfielder Jordan Angeli returned to top-level play in 2014, with three years of soul-searching bringing her a new perspective, but taking nothing away from a desire that has so far proved infallible. Read more →

Lianne Sanderson interview: ‘Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing’ for England forward


Life and football overlap in many ways, and in both, everything is not always as it appears. Boston Breakers and England forward Lianne Sanderson is acutely aware of that, but as her on-field ambition burns on, staying true to who she is remains the endeavour most dear to her. Read more →