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Steve Zakuani interview: ‘Let’s take it back to the concrete streets…’ – Sounders favourite’s original beats for an emerald playground


Football and music gave Steve Zakuani his relatable role models growing up in Tottenham, with both providing the platform for his expression to roam free as he went from North London teenager to a young adult illuminating Major League Soccer. Through come-ups to comebacks, and an ultimately early farewell to playing, the ex-Seattle Sounders winger’s best-loved worlds have kept with him like his two sidekicks in a sparkling three-pronged attack. Read more →

Gabriel Zakuani interview: Friends in high places for Posh defender

Peterborough United’s Gabriel Zakuani has battled to be a success in football, while in a different arena some of his long-time friends have too, as they now feature firmly amongst the premier names of homegrown music. Read more →