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Raquel Rodríguez interview (Part Two): Something Rocky this way comes – Sky Blue’s tica learning on the funky fly

Robyn McNeil / ISI Photos


A goal for the record books, bilingual eloquence or an admirably firm handle on what she stands for – some things can always be counted on with Raquel Rodríguez. Change, however, came in spades for the Costa Rican international once she arrived in the U.S. five years ago, ably accompanied by tribulation, triumph, precious times of silliness, and of course, a now-synonymous nickname. Read more →

Raquel Rodríguez interview (Part One): Soul, goals and how the Raque began to roll – A personal play of Pura Vida for Costa Rica’s history-maker


At each of her significant junctures, it seems Sky Blue FC midfielder Raquel Rodríguez manages to find an opportune moment to sign her name over a little pocket of history. A national championship-winning Penn State University career helped make her the adopted American she is, but her Costa Rican pride beats in time with all she does, and it was right there when her most treasured elements came together in a blissful crescendo, one June day, two years ago. Read more →

Christine Nairn interview: Moving with the rhythm of the pacesetters – Spirit midfielder shooting to thrill and smoothing it out

Photo: Ashley J. Palmer /

Photo: Ashley J. Palmer /


Sitting top of the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) with Washington Spirit at this early stage of the season, Christine Nairn’s career so far has been as much about refining her thinking as learning to boss a midfield, with sounds around to step to in the haste, or heal to in the calm. Read more →