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Daphne Corboz interview: The chase for a champion sound in the City for U.S. midfielder

Photo: Victoria Haydn/MCFCphotos

Photo: VictoriaHaydn/MCFCphotos


Wrapping up her college career as Georgetown University’s all-time leader in goals and points, American midfielder Daphne Corboz then played her part in the rapidly-progressive Manchester City’s qualification for the UEFA Champions League, so it stands to reason that her personal anthem is one packed with a grand sense of stature. Read more →

Simeon Jackson interview: Canada striker sketching the game and groove theories


Barnsley striker Simeon Jackson’s footballing canvas has been colourised by promotions, Premier League, Bundesliga and international football, with an even more diverse musical backbeat running alongside him on what has so far proved a road of experiences and introspection. Read more →

Jessica McDonald interview: Soul beneath the step – Deeper than the dance for Dash forward

Photo: Wilf Thorne / Houston Dynamo

Photo: Wilf Thorne / Houston Dynamo


Over time it has become standard practice for the goals to flow almost as freely as the dance moves for Jess McDonald, giving the Houston Dash forward an enhanced reputation in recent years which have also seen her become a wife and mother, resulting in a new outlook on and off the field. Read more →

Jermaine Easter interview: Rhyme schemes and reason for Rovers striker


In a Bristol Rovers side back in the Football League after a season away, striker Jermaine Easter is out to dispense as much of his higher-level experience as possible, although there are some aspects that are just destined to always test the mettle, before the pitch even comes into play. Read more →

Libby Stout interview: Strings straight from the south – Reds keeper playing in the key of Kentucky

Liverpool Ladies FC

Liverpool Ladies FC


In her two seasons with Liverpool Ladies, goalkeeper Libby Stout has been one of the Reds’ chief organisers from the back, and the American is one who steps forward when it comes to team performances behind the scenes, getting the chance to showcase a symphonic side that has long been embedded within her. Read more →