My other football articles

Here’s where you can find some of my general football articles. Many of these are for separate sites.


 Dynamo Rossco – When Wednesday Met Wallace (2nd May 2018)


 Sheffield Wednesday: Bonded by the blue and the white (7th December 2016)


 Owls favourite Fernando dancing in a perfect storm (9th February 2016)


 What Wednesday Dreams May Come… (28th September 2015)

 Sheffield Wednesday – C’est magnifique, Claude pal! (8th December 2014)

 Stevie nicks the spotlight as Wednesday march on (22nd September 2014)

 ‘The Way We Were’ (Part Three) – Interview with U.S. Women’s National Team and Boston Breakers great Kristine Lilly (13th August 2014)

 ‘The Way We Were’ (Part Two) – Interview with Boston Breakers’ color commentator and ex-defender Katherine Donnelly (5th June 2014)

 A whirlwind for hat-trick hero Jazmine Reeves – Interview with the Boston Breakers forward (31st May 2014)

 ‘The Way We Were’ (Part One) – Interview with Boston Breakers legend Angela Hucles (21st May 2014)

 Sheffield Wednesday – Farewell Miguel (8th May 2014)

sg Sheffield Wednesday – Stuart Gray’s ‘As Such’ Army (19th March 2014)

kl Leeds in a daze as Owls’ Lee casts his spell (13th January 2014)

dj Sheffield Wednesday – The end of the track for DJ? (25th November 2013) 

cg Time for action for sleepwalking Wednesday (14th October 2013)

kr Chris Kirkland – Chief security at the gates of Owls survival (8th May 2013)

ll Sheffield Wednesday – Make ours a Lita (24th February 2013)

edr Reda Johnson – The demolition man in Owls fans’ hearts (13th January 2013)

 Gary Madine – The man you can’t forget (23rd December 2012)

ct My Footballing Hero – Paul Gascoigne (9th September 2012)

Euro 2012: One last tour of the battlefield for Milan Baroš? (3rd June 2012)

Wednesday are back: Something special stirring in S6 (7th May 2012)

Zesh Rehman interview: Ex-Fulham defender facing the heat in Kitchee (25th April 2012)

‘You don’t choose Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield Wednesday chooses you’ (23rd April 2012)

 Jermaine Johnson: Great goals, flying water bottles and red cards (2nd April 2012)

Greece is the word: What Colin Kazim-Richards did next (7th March 2012)

New Owls boss Dave Jones climbs aboard (2nd March 2012)

Sheffield Wednesday 1 West Ham United 0: Reward at long last for O’Grady (8th January 2012)

Mario Götze: Dortmund’s jewel ready to shine for Germany (12th September 2011)